The Solomon Effect
The Solomon Effect
Think you know what's real and what isn't? Think again...

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A German U-Boat lost in the final days of the Second World War rested silent and dead in the deep waters off the Russian coast for more than half a century—carrying a cargo too terrifying to contemplate.

Now it has been found and its terrible treasure liberated...by those who would set the world on fire.

A remote viewer working in top secret for the U.S. government, Tobie Guinness can "see" events occurring on the other side of the globe. But she and her loose cannon partner, CIA agent Jax Alexander—who questions the validity of Tobie's "gift"—have arrived too late to prevent a bloodbath... and perhaps the Apocalypse as well. Now every second brings the unthinkable a step closer—and places Tobie and Jax in the gunsights of powerful enemies in frighteningly high places—as they race to connect the dots between an impending catastrophe and a nightmare cultivated decades earlier by Nazi scientists with an evil agenda about to become all too real.

A Pictorial Tour of the World of The Solomon Effect

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Harper Paperback, October 2009, 978-0061689352

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"Fans of Dan Brown will enjoy the nonstop action, exotic locales and teasing give-and- take between Guinness and Alexander."

"a rollercoaster ride that bounces between some of the most politically unstable regions of the world and back with heart-stopping speed."
   —Romantic Times, 4 1/2 stars

"I was utterly fascinated by The Solomon Effect. was fast paced, didn't drown in technical descriptions, and was a well-crafted, riveting story....Author C.S. Harris is the husband/wife team of Steve Harris and Candice Proctor. Combining Harris' expertise in national intelligence and Proctor's gift for historical research with their combined writing skills, this duo has created a fascinating series."
   —Sharon Galligar Chance, Wichita Falls Times Record

"With nail-biting tension and hair-raising escapades, Graham takes readers on a thrilling journey of conspiracy and international espionage. Scary, yet believable, it's a gripping novel that will leave you questioning the repercussions of world events. A great follow-up to The Archangel Project."
   —Fresh Fiction

"a well written, absorbing and intelligent thriller...Don't miss this one."

"Harris spent 21 years as an Army Intelligence officer and that experience clearly shines in this work. The plot and intrigue is believable enough to make this a page-turning thriller."
   —Daily Advertiser, Baton Rouge



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